Vee is an Eevee owned by Hilta, an old woman who lives alone in a cottage in the Viridirian City forest. He appears in Pik In Love.

History Edit

It is unknown whether or when Hilta caught or received Vee.

Appearances Edit

Pik In Love: Edit

Vee first appeared with Hilta's Squirtle, Squirty greeting Pik. When Gabe came to get Pik, Vee growled at Gabe. When Vee, Gabe, Pik, Char, and Squirty went outside, Team Rocket captured Vee, Squirty, Pik, and Char and trapped them in a cage and tried to escape with the trapped Pokemon. But Gabe and Hilta rescued their Pokemon. Vee was reunited with his trainer along with Squirty and Gabe had Pik and Char blast off Team Rocket. Later, Vee was seen saying goodbye to Pik, Char, and Gabe. He is last seen wagging his tail while standing by his trainer. After that, Vee was never seen again.

Personality & Characteristics: Edit

Vee generally is an very friendly Eevee and is willing to make friends with other people and their Pokemon. He lives with his trainer, Hilta along with Squirty. He remains loyal to his trainer. He made friends with Pik, Gabe's Pikachu. He doesn't like it when other people are mean to their Pokemon or abandons their Pokemon and often growls at the person. He cares about everybody.