Katrese's Mudkip is the second Pokemon she obtained. She debuted in A Mudkip For You!.

History Edit

Mudkip was first seen sleeping under a tree when Katrese decides that she wants to catch Mudkip, so she sends out her newly-evolved Braixen out to battle Mudkip. But during the battle, Mudkip is captured by Team Rocket, but she is saved by Katrese and Braixen. She accepts Katrese's offer to join her team and becomes one of her most-used Pokemon besides Braixen. In one episode, Team Rocket captured all of Katrese's Pokemon to take to the boss, but Katrese saved her Pokemon. Mudkip loves performing in Pokemon showcases with Delphox and her trainer.

Personality Edit

Mudkip has a shy personality. At first she was untrustworthy of Katrese and decided that before being captured, she wanted to battle Katrese to see if she could trust her. Mudkip is a very friendly Pokemon even though she is shy. She was confirmed female when she grew a crush on Mud, Gabe's Marshtomp. Mudkip loves making new friends and often sleeps a lot. She dislikes Team Rocket because they scare her.