Katrese's Delphox is Katrese's starter Pokemon. She received him from Professor Sycamore after she overcome her fear of Pokemon after she and her family moved to the Kalos region.

History Edit

653Fennekin XY anime

As an Fennekin

Katrese's mother helped her 10-year-old daughter overcome her fear of Pokemon and encouraged her to choose Fennekin as her starter so she can go on an adventure. She first appeared meeting with her childhood friends, Gabe, Erika, and Crystal and their friend, Cilan and decided to join them in their Pokemon journey, She introduced Fennekin to her friends who instantly liked Fennekin. Katrese and her Fennekin were unstoppable. Fennekin showed care for his trainer and was loyal to her. He was confirmed male when he fell in love with Gabe's Fennekin, Fenna. Team Rocket attempted to steal both Fenna and Katrese's Fennekin to take to the boss, but they were rescued by their trainers who sent Team Rocket blasting off. Another time, Jessie kidnapped Katrese's Fennekin and held him for ransom to make Gabe hand over her Charizard, but he was rescued by his trainer and Gabe who sent Team Rocket blasting off again. Another time, Team Rocket captured him again so that Jessie could use him for either to do crimes or perform with her, but he was rescued by his trainer. During a battle with Ramos, Fennekin evolved into Braixen which made Katrese extremely proud. Katrese and her Braixen performed many times in showcases and did gym battles. He helped her catch a Mudkip and a Poochyena and some other Pokemon. One time as revenge on Katrese, Team Rocket captured all of Katrese's Pokemon to take to the boss for some money, but brave Katrese rescued her Pokemon and Gabe had Pik send Team Rocket blasting off. Katrese rescued Braixen from Team Rocket and her kindness to him made him evolve into a Delphox, his final form. Katrese and Delphox care about each other very much.

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As an Braixen

Personality Edit

Katrese's Delphox is very loyal to his trainer and cares about her very much. He goes to great lengths to impress her and wants to be the very best Pokemon in showcases. Even though, they lost a couple showcases, he never let Katrese feel down or sad and was always there to comfort her. He dislikes Team Rocket because they always try to capture him.