Katrese's Deerling is a Pokemon obtained by Katrese.

History Edit

Katrese was traveling with her friends when she encountered Team Rocket trying to capture all of the Deerling in the forest who had escaped from their grasp. Team Rocket revealed that they captured the Deerling in Unova and were planning on taking all of the Deerling to the boss. But one escaped and Katrese tried to protect the Deerling that had escaped. Team Rocket attempted to recapture the Deerling that had escaped, but Katrese protected her and with the help of the Deerling, Katrese and her friends rescued all of the Deerling and sent Team Rocket blasting off. Ever since that day, Deerling agreed to become Katrese's sixth Pokemon and wanted to travel with her.

Personality Edit

Deerling is a very friendly, loving, and shy Pokemon. She is afraid of Team Rocket because they wanted her and the Deerling for bad purposes. But her trainer helped rescue her and the other Deerling. She loves her trainer very much.