Iris's Emolga is the second Pokemon caught by Iris.

History Edit

EP703 Emolga junto a Iris

Iris and Emolga

Emolga was first seen causing trouble and Bianca wanted to capture her, but she chose Iris instead. Iris tested Emolga out in a battle, but she refused to listen to her trainer. Later Iris gained her trust. In Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit, she was tricked by Team Rocket into joining their team as a plot to capture Ash's Pikachu and when Emolga and Axew tried to go back to their trainer, Team Rocket trapped them in a cage with a Exploud as an attempt to kill them. But Emolga and Axew were freed by Iris's Dragonite and Exploud attempted to kill them again, but Ash who had rescued Pikachu helped protect Emolga and Axew and sent Team Rocket blasting off. Emolga is still traveling with her trainer.

Personality Edit

Emolga is a Pokemon who loves to eat and she loves to steal everybody's food. But she is show to be caring to her trainer. She is afraid of Team Rocket because they tried to kill her once.