Eve is one of Gabe's Pokemon she obtained. She is a female Espeon.

History Edit

133Eevee BW anime

Eve as an Eevee

Eve as an Eevee was revealed to be abandoned by her trainer and was found by Gabe who fell in love with her. But when Team Rocket attempted to steal her and the other Eevee, Gabe risked her life to save her. Eve accepted Gabe as her trainer. Team Rocket tried to capture her a couple times, but Gabe always managed to protect her. After having her battle a lot of times, Eve evolved into Espeon. When Eve got sick in Eve's Cold, Gabe took her to the Pokemon Center to rest. While she was asleep with Pik and Chika sleeping by her side, Team Rocket saw them and decided to steal them. Team Rocket trapped Eve, Pik, and Chika in a net. Gabe and Char ran to see what the commotion was. Team Rocket then saw Char and grabbed him with their robotic claw. Gabe saw that her Pokemon were in trouble and she ordered Team Rocket to let them go. Team Rocket refused saying that now they got her Pokemon, they weren't going to bug her anymore. This enraged Gabe and she sent out Mud, her Marshtomp whom Team Rocket attempted to grab, but Gabe had Mud dodge them and he used his moves to break the net that Eve, Chika, and Pik were in and Gabe caught them. Then Mud used his special move to free Char who Gabe caught in her arms. Gabe then had Pik used Thunderbolt to send Team Rocket blasting off. Gabe reunited with Eve and asked if she was alright. Eve licked her and they hugged with Eve wagging her tail.