Erika's Delcatty is the second Pokemon she obtained. She first appeared in A Day With Skitty where Erika first fell in love with her and tried to earn her trust.

History Edit


As an Skitty

Delcatty first appeared as an Skitty and Erika fell in love with her and tried to earn her trust. She was captured by Team Rocket who said Skitty was a rare Pokemon and they were going to earn a big payment for delivering Skitty to the boss. This enraged Erika who sent out her Squirtle her helped her rescue Skitty. After Team Rocket was gone, Erika asked Skitty if she wanted to join her team and Skitty agreed letting herself be captured. Erika and her Skitty battled a bunch of gym leaders and in one episode, Skitty was seen playing with the gang's other Pokemon and were captured by Team Rocket, but were rescued by their trainers. In a gym battle, Skitty evolved into a Delcatty and won the battle for Erika. Team Rocket attempted to steal Delcatty after she evolved because like Skitty, she is a rare Pokemon and would earn a big payment for delivering her to the boss and Jessie said to Erika, thanks for the Delcatty. But Delcatty was rescued by her trainer. Erika decided like Katrese and her Delphox, that she wanted to perform in Pokemon showcases and she and her Delcatty and Squirtle often show off. With Delcatty's help, Erika caught a Dedenne, a Plusle, and a Nidoran.

Personality Edit

Skitty was a very playful Pokemon often trying to play with her trainer. She and her trainer often played games together. Like Squirtle, she is loyal to her trainer and wants to impress her. When she evolved into a Delcatty, she cared more for her trainer and trusted her especially after Erika has saved her many time from Team Rocket. She still shows her playful side to her trainer and enjoys being brushed and pampered by her trainer. She also loves showing off in Pokemon showcases like her trainer. PokeBlocks are Delcatty's favorite treat.