Erika's Blastoise is Erika's starter Pokemon. He debuted in Gabe & Erika: Two Friends Unite as a Squirtle.

History Edit

007Squirtle XY anime

As an Squirtle

Erika received Blastoise as an Squirtle from Professor Oak at the same time Gabe received her Charmander and Crystal received her Bulbasaur. He made his first appearance in Gabe and Erika: Two Friends Unite in the Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures where Erika joins Gabe, Cilan, and Crystal. Team Rocket attempted to steal her Squirtle a couple times along with Crystal's Bulbasaur and Gabe's Charizard. He is at level 56. During a training battle with Crystal, Squirtle evolved into a Wartortle at the same time Crystal's Vulpix evolved into a Ninetales. During the 2nd season of Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures, Wartortle evolved into Blastoise.

Personality Edit

008Wartortle AG anime

As an Wartortle

Blastoise is loyal to his trainer and obeys her. He likes traveling with Erika