Dawn's Pachirisu is the second Pokemon caught by Dawn.

History Edit


Dawn and Pachirisu

Dawn fell in love with Pachirisu who had a playful personality. He didn't listen to his trainer at first, but when Dawn protected him from Team Rocket, he started to obey her. Dawn used him in many Pokemon contests. In Doc Brock, he got sick and Dawn was worried about him. Brock managed to get there just in time and helped Pachirisu feel better. Team Rocket attempted to steal Pachirisu, but Dawn and her friends rescued him and Pachirisu helped blast them off. Pachirisu is still traveling with his trainer.

Personality Edit

Pachirisu is a very playful, feisty, and mischievous Pokemon who loves to have fun and cause trouble. Dawn loves him very much and he loves his trainer as well. He tries his best to be loyal to her. He greatly dislikes Team Rocket because they try to steal him many times.