Char is Gabe's starter Pokemon. He is a male Charizard.

History Edit

Gabe received him as a Charmander in Charmander's Fiery Problem from Professor Oak. He had a bit of a temper and often used his flamethrower on other people including his trainer. When Team Rocket captured him, Gabe told him she would save him. She used a catapult to launch herself in the air and grabbed him from Team Rocket's grasp and had Charmander blast them off. She nicknamed him Char. In Charmander Evolves, he evolved into a Charmeleon and in one episode, he evolved into a Charizard to save Gabe from Team Rocket. As of Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventure, he was sent back to Professor Oak's lab.

004Charmander Dream

As an Charmander

Charmeleon vectored by blckpantha-d57ieee

As an Charmeleon