Annie's Jolteon is Annie's second Pokemon. She debuts in Annie Returns as an Eevee.

History Edit

Evoli eevee by alounea-d6ite1e

As an Eevee

Jolteon as an Eevee was given to her by her parents as a gift along with Vulpix since Annie likes Fox Pokemon.

Appearances Edit

Annie Returns Edit

Eevee along with her trainer debut in Annie's Return along with Annie's Vulpix, Zorua, and Fennekin where they meet up with Annie's old friends, Gabe, Katrese, Erika, and Crystal. Team Rocket attempts to steal the gang's Pokemon including Annie's Pokemon. But Annie and her friends managed to rescue Eevee and the rest of the Pokemon.

Team Rocket's Evil Scheme Edit

Annie appears with Vulpix riding on her shoulder while Eevee, Zorua, and Fennekin ride in Poke Balls. Eevee reappears with the rest of Annie's Pokemon when they were taking a break. A metal grabber grabbed Eevee, Vulpix, Zorua, and Fennekin and placed them in a cage. Annie demanded to see who kidnapped her Pokemon. Team Rocket revealed themselves telling Annie what they were planning to do with her Pokemon. Annie demanded that they give back her Pokemon and James said no way were they going to give something back that would earn them a promotion for bringing them to the boss. Enraged, Annie teamed up with her friends to rescue her Pokemon. Gabe sent out Pik who used a thunderbolt on Team Rocket's balloon cutting a hole in it and making them crash. Gabe had Pik use thunderbolt on the cage breaking it and freeing the Pokemon. Annie reunited with her Pokemon and hugged each of them. Jessie shrieked at Annie to hand over her Pokemon and Annie told Jessie and Team Rocket that they were selfish of thinking Pokemon were things to be used for money and that Pokemon were living breathing animals and that Annie was never going to give people like them her Pokemon. Jessie sniffed and sent out her Pumpkaboo to capture Annie's Pokemon. But a thunderbolt that Pik gave them sent them blasting off. Annie and her Pokemon decided to set off on their own journey.

Annie and her Pokemon Edit

Eevee, Vulpix, Zorua, Fennekin, and Annie are set to be major characters in the spin-off series: Annie and her Pokemon where they face enemies like Team Flare who are trying to take over the world and Team Rocket makes a reappearance trying to steal Annie's Pokemon. Annie's Eevee has revealed to have evolved into Jolteon during the series along with Annie's Fennekin who has evolved into Braixen. The series publish date is TBA.

Personality Edit

Jolteon cares for her trainer deeply and tries to be like her. Jolteon likes Pokemon food that Annie makes and loves her trainer.